Tiny Adventures in Outdoor Dining

When you write about food for a living, you really miss going to restaurants. Angela Hansberger is a food writer in Georgia, who got rid of her pandemic boredom, by building a chipmunk restaurant! She serves fancy chipmunk-sized meals to the wee visitors on her porch, and posts them to her EnglishAnj Instagram page.

Teen Angel Helps thousands

For the last 7 years, 13-year-old Liem Kaplan, has been doing good things for his community in Seattle Washington. Since the pandemic started, he’s focused on providing help to protect people from the virus. The Liem’s Giving Hope Project, has provided 5000 masks, sanitizer, food, clothing, and shelter, to people in need. He’s a kindness expert!

Tasting By Touch

Most animals taste things with their tongues. But did you know, an octopus can taste with its arms? Each sucker-covered arm has its own neural ring, which means they can work together without the brain being aware of it. The cells in their suckers can detect flavors, which helps feed or protect the octopus.

Remember, Frankenstein Was the Doctor

What will you accomplish today? It’s Checklist Day, so write everything down, then check them off. Since it’s also Frankenstein Friday, watching the classic movie, reading the book by Mary Shelley, carving a Frankenstein’s monster pumpkin with scars and neck bolts, or practicing your best monster lurch, should be on your list!

Scary Peas and Candy Corn

Today is Candy Corn Day. The yellow-white-and-orange candies were invented in the 18-hundreds. Did you know if you stack them up, they look like an ear of corn? Try it! Then get ready for this evening. It’s Haunted Refrigerator Night! Time to clean out all the moldy leftovers hiding way in the back. Spooky!

I Wonder How Many LEGO People It Could Support

A British museum, recently added a new piece to its collection. Actually, it added 205,000 new pieces, of LEGO bricks. The Ironbridge Gorge Museum earned a world record, by building a 111 1/2-foot-long bridge! The Institution of Civil Engineers helped design the bridge, which had an unsupported span of 55 feet, 11 inches. I wouldn’t walk on it!

Learn to Vote in Minecraft

The Rock The Vote organization is teaching kids about the voting process, using Minecraft. Build The Vote lets players use a simulator, to enter a voting house that looks like the Capitol building in Washington DC. Then they can vote on topics like immigration, education, and student loans. Sorry, you can’t vote for president.

How’d We Miss That Big Thing!

Scientists have discovered a gigantic coral reef, at the tip of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia. The underwater wonder stands higher than the Empire State Building! It’s almost a mile wide at the base, and 1640 feet high. The reef is home to sponges, corals, sea fans, reef sharks, and fish.

Don’t Bother Me and My Oatmeal

Everyone wants to be alone once in a while, but hermits prefer to isolate themselves from society all the time. Today is Hermit Day, giving you an excuse to stay in your room all day, avoiding people. Bring a pot of oatmeal too, because it’s Oatmeal Day. You’ll welcome new food and company tomorrow!

Cats All Over the Internet

Today is Internet Day. It’s hard to imagine living without the internet. I wouldn’t be able to give you the Kids News! And how would you watch cat videos today, to celebrate Cat Day? Give your cat all his favorite treats, and learn a few cat phrases, like “meow-meow,” and “hiss!”

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