Splurge on Flip Flops

Today is Flip Flop Day. You can get the classic rubber sandals at a Dollar store, and flip flop inexpensively. Or you could spend more money, on luxury flip flops, since it’s also Splurge Day. The most entertaining shoes, are Coddies Fish Flops. Slide your feet into fish, and leave fish prints everywhere!

Don’t Panic About Your Picnic

Don’t panic about what to have for dinner. It’s International Picnic Day, so you can literally go out to eat. Simply bring some sandwiches and water. Nature is the star of the meal! Actually, you can panic anyway, because it’s also International Panic Day. Just remember to calm down after your moment of stress!

Something Smells Fishy Around Here

Hmm. Something seems fishy today. It’s Go Fishing Day and International Sushi Day, so if you catch a fish, you can eat it raw. But a much nicer thing to celebrate, is Clean Your Aquarium Day! Instead of catching or eating our fishy friends, give adopted fish a nice clean tank!

A New Official Holiday

June 19th, 1865 was a momentous day in United States history. Juneteenth, or Emancipation Day, marks the date the last enslaved people were freed in Texas. This week, a bill was signed, making the day a Federal US holiday. Since the holiday falls on a Saturday, employees will get Friday off instead.

Vaccines for Bees

Cornell University Student James Webb, invented a vaccine for bees. Called Beemunnity, the pollen-sized microparticle will help protect bees, from the deadly pesticide Malthion. James is working on more vaccines, that will soak up other pesticides like a sponge, keeping the honeybees alive and well. The Earth depends on our tiny friends.

Safe From Heat Waves

Ice that’s stayed frozen for thousands of years, can give scientists valuable information about the environment. They extracted ice core samples, that were 262 feet deep in the Alps. The ancient ice holds a record of climate changes over the last 10,000 years. The samples will be stored in Antarctica, to preserve them for the future.

Give Up the Gas Habit

Forget riding in the car. It’s Dump the Pump Day! Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, many cities across the United States will be offering free fare on public transit. See if your city is participating; your ride on the bus or subway might cost you nothing and cause less pollution!

Spinach Brownies Are Great

Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day. One way to get excited about eating veggies, is to grow your own! It’s not too late to plant a summer garden. In the meantime, visit a farmer’s market. If you don’t like veggies, dip them in something yummy, or puree them and bake them into brownies!


Tessellations are geometric patterns with no gaps, where the same shapes are repeated over and over again. It’s Tessellation Day! You can find tessellations in nature, like honeycombs, or in sports, like on your soccer ball. Create your own tessellation out of tasty pastries, since it’s also Apple Strudel Day and Cherry Tart Day!

First Find 14,000 Bottles

Plastic bottles litter the sides of roads and waterways everywhere. But in Nigeria, people are filling plastic bottles with sand, and building houses with them. The bottles are stacked in a lattice pattern, to build walls that can withstand earthquakes. The bottle-bricks are 10 times stronger than regular bricks, and a lot cheaper too!

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