U S History

Today is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. The Constitution of the newly formed United States, defined citizens and their rights, in 17 87. As things changed, amendments were added. Native Americans were already there, and many people were brought unwillingly as slaves. Everyone else settled as immigrants. How did your ancestors start out in your country?

Special Delivery

Jeanne Golato went into labor unexpectedly, while they were visiting Sea Isle City New Jersey for the weekend, but Sea Isle City doesn’t have a hospital. They called for an ambulance, and EMTs helped deliver baby Luciana at the house. It was the first birth in the city since 19 77! Mom and baby are fine.

Trees With No Branches

Trees do an important job, cleaning the air. But how do you plant trees in the city? London is fighting pollution by placing towers of moss on sidewalks. The carbon-filtering structures are called City Trees, because each one can clean as much air as 275 trees! They even store moisture, helping to cool the air.

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